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Freedom - "Voiceless"

Detroit Straight Edge. Back to Back Records 2013.

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Analphabetapolothology is a document of a band whose unabashed enthusiasm is their greatest charm. Even the title betrays Cap’n Jazz’s need to say everything at once; their songs careen at breakneck speeds with ragged guitars falling all over each other in a race to the finish. But it’s Tim Kinsella’s voice— a screechy, hoarse thing— which makes Cap’n Jazz so special. Kinsella’s lyrics spill out of his mouth faster than he can pronounce them, all blending together in a wild, unschooled yowl. He may not be quite on pitch all the time, but his energy is so infectious it doesn’t matter. The first half of Analphabetapolothology, which is Shmap’n Shmazz in its entirety, is the distilled experience of life in all its messy glory; it makes you want to to laugh, cry and scream all at once along with the band.